Elicia Crouch

Elicia Crouch, founder and CEO of the Single Parents & Teens Foundation of Dallas Inc., is bringing Hollywood to Dallas. Focused on promoting the artistic development of Dallas teenagers, especially single moms, Elicia commutes between Hollywood and Dallas, guiding and mentoring her 2 daughters in the entertainment industry while bringing back to Dallas the knowledge and experience that she gains. Once a single mom herself, she devotes herself to helping, youths, children and single parents to overcome life's challenges and accomplish their fullest potential.

 Through her Foundation she offers encouragement and other help to teens and teenage moms throughout Dallas. In addition to promoting their artistic potential, Elicia holds an annual back-to-school carnival, helps kids get school supplies and dental cleaning, has Santa and gives away toys for Christmas and turkey dinners for Thanksgiving, and commits to a variety of other charitable activities, including helping families having trouble paying rent, arranging daycare help, and getting free milk (Enfamil) for their babies. She also speaks extensively to teens at school about not giving up just because they got pregnant, and she works with police departments, Red Cross and other organizations to have them speak to the teens too.

In her younger years, Elicia, who was born in Trinidad and settled in Texas, had been an actor and model, doing Burger King commercials and acting in a few episodes on Wishbone and on the TV show Walker, Texas Ranger. She got pregnant with her twins Kristopher & Kristina (Born 1992)an and became a single mom. Struggling to make ends meet, she started her own daycare business, trusting that prayer and faith would somehow provide her with the funds and fortitude to make the business successful. She ultimately established not only a successful daycare empire, which has to date served over 5,000 students, but also a pre-school, cleaning business, and home health business.

She also found the love of her life, Leon Surles a Dallas Police Officer with whom she has had 3 children – Leona (born in 1998), Nini (born in 2003) and Stephon (born in 2009). Her efforts to nurture the obvious, God-given singing and acting talents of her first child and, subsequently, her second child, would ultimately lead to her establishing an entertainment company in Los Angeles. Elicia also has a passion for the arts and contributes to her non-profit foundation by providing opportunity for disadvantage youths access to state of the state of the art technology, education and professional mentorship.

In 2015, Elicia opened the White Dove Experience, a cleaning business in L.A. where she utilizes her skills in this business by providing jobs to young adults in school or having financial difficulties. She continues to connect and mentor single parents and youths now in L.A., while her mom runs her child care  businesses back in Texas.

Our Board

Here are our officers and board members including their titles in our community!

Director & Officers 

Dr. Nicholas Boeving , Director  

Esther Stephen- Officer- Early Childhood Professional 

Sandra Stephen- Officer- CNA


Yeni Gutierrrez - Real Estate Agent, 

Board Members

Dr. Loc Trieu- Physician, Philanthropist, Educator,

Dr Myrtle Hightower- Community Leader

Marquisha Harris - SGT, US Army

Dr. Alexandra Boeving-Allen- child psychologist and former faculty member @ Yale University

Leon Surles- Dallas Police Officer

Jacquelyn Bearden - . Manager-  City of Dallas

Dr. Dustin Atlas-Professor@University of Dayton

Asya Ovsepyan- J.D Legal Counsel

Lakeisha Taylor- Director, Buckingham Tree House Private School

Keishun Atkins- Radio Personality for 97.9 The Beat

Jason Pillay- Fashion Designer 

Dr. Stephen Finley- Professor

Advisory Board

Michael Mattocks -Entertainment Law

William Ariza - Attorney of Law

Cheyenne Martin- Film Maker, Producer, Manager

Debbie Bridges - Owner, Bridges Mortgage and Realty