Single Parents
  • Job & Vocational Skills Training Programs ​

  • Assisting Single Parents to Seek Employment Opportunities

  • How to Open a Small Business Training Program

  • Money-Related Management Programs & Support

  • Assistance in Finding Health & Dental Care

  • Parenting Training Programs

  • Counseling Services

  • Support Groups & Anger Management

  • Basic Life Skills

  • Esteem-Building

  • Prevention of Diabetes

  • Nutritional Programs

  • Guide to Single Parenting

  • ​Balancing Work, Family and Fun For the Single Parent

  • Domestic Violence, Suicide, Rape & Other Abuses

  • Personal Care & In- Home Care services for the single elderly

  • Food & Clothing Pantry

  • Drug & Alcohol Abuse Intervention and Counseling


    Childhood and Adult Literacy Programs

  • Childcare Programs

  • Teen Pregnancy, STD's, Birth Control, & Abstinence

  • Prevention of Obesity for Children / Teens

  • Prevention of Diabetes for Children / Teens

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    Money Management

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    Support Groups

  • Nutritional Programs

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  • After-school Programs & Sporting Activities

    Prevention of Homelessness

    Clothing Pantry

    Domestic Violence, Suicide, Rape and other Abuses

    Job and Vocational Training

Youth Services
Anti-Bullying Program

Reading Program

Nutritional Programs

Prevention of Obesity in Children 

Prevention of Diabetes in Children

After-School Programs

Musical Concerts

Volunteer Programs

Nutritional Programs

Prevention of Homelessness

Personal Care 

In- Home Care services for the single elderly

Food Pantry

Clothing Pantry

Nutritional Programs

Assistance finding Medical Care

Assistance finding Dental Care


Prevention of  Homelessness

TUT Program

The TUT, Talented, Underprivileged Teens, Program is designed to open avenues for disadvantaged youth with artistic talent, but limited opportunity. 

Voice Lessons

Dance Lessons

Acting Lessons

Photography sessions

Live Performance Opportunities

Songwriting coaching

Recording Studio Access

Program Guidelines

Single parents are faced with many challenges in today’s society such as having to provide for their children without help from the non-custodial parent. This situation forces some of our single parents to work extra jobs, leaving the older children at home to supervise the younger children. Some are forced to live on the welfare system because it seems somewhat impossible to meet all the basic expenses and pay for childcare for more than 2 children. Even though there are childcare assistance programs available, the waiting list is oftentimes already closed and it is consequently very difficult to receive childcare assistance due to the lack of government funds available for the different programs.​

​This program is for every single parent who is struggling and cannot find assistance, or is on an extensive waiting list and is either in the low-income or moderate-income range. These parents cannot advance to the next level because income requirements make it impossible to do so, but both groups are willing to become better people, better parents and assets to the community. 
Low Income / Family Income guidelines state that families in this level can only make minimal income to qualify for most programs which makes it impossible to have certain activities for the children and it also makes it impossible to achieve ultimate success because if these families make too much they will either not qualify for services or the services received will be drastically reduced. Also, it makes it harder if they have to attend certain training programs to continue qualifying for other benefits due to the restrictions, criteria, and availability of such training programs. Therefore, to seek and pay for other type of training, hinders their finances and becomes impossible for them to support their family.
Moderate Income Family Income guidelines make it impossible for some parents to advance to another level because the requirements apply mostly for low-income families and if they have a few extra cents on their checks then it becomes impossible to receive the available assistance.
​​Teens and Children keeping teens and children safe, healthy, focused, out of trouble, educated and well rounded is our key factor; so all children and teens are welcome to participate in the program depending upon availability of funds.