Reading isn't just about success in school; it's about success in life. Studies show that income is directly proportionate to the size of one's vocabulary - and at Single Parents & Teens, we are committed to enriching those communities and populations that would most directly benefit from mastering this life-changing,all-important skill. That's why we created the Adventure Reading Program - an initiative designed to give kids a kickstart on the their language arts skills and a sharp competitive advantage in their future academic careers. Last year was our inaugural reading camp - and we could not be prouder of all of our participants. Our Adventure Reading Program was very successful. We had two groups of eighteen which included four & five year olds that participated in the program. By the end of the final session all 36 children were able to complete reading at least two books! Successful reading is measured by retention. With 20 of the 36 children able to retain what they have read and retell it our program didn't just meet the mark of success, it exceeded it. The children also dramatically increased their speed, vocabulary and reading proficiency.