Growing The Community


Single Parents & Teens Foundation of Dallas, Inc. and with the help of our most wonderful sponsors were able to:​

  • Cater our services to about 500 families. 300 families alone catered by the Foundation!

  • More than 400 backpacks filled with school supplies to have little ones ready for a great school year!

  • More than 100 families received outfits for their children to go back to school!

  • With the help of The Family Place and Christian Chapel Temple of Faith Church we were able to provide another 100 children with backpacks, notebook paper, spiral notebooks, pens, crayons, sharpies, rulers, scissors.

  • The Foundation also provided a cash donation of $300 to Christian Chapel Temple of Faith Church to further assist families with school supplies.​

  • More than 75 children whiten their smile after being seen by the Mobil Dentist and received free teeth cleaning.

  • WIC provided more than 100 informational packages to families with children under 5.

  • Child Care Assistance not only provided information about child assistance but also held a Coloring Contest that several children enjoyed!

  • Dallas Fire Department and Dallas Police Department amazed the little ones by bringing their fire trucks and police vans and also provided great tips and information about safety.

  • Texas Department of Health provided useful information about immunizations and locations available until the end of the year.

  • 97.9 Radio, provided air time to promote the foundation and its activities and provided T-shirts.

  • Wells Fargo (Forest and Plano branch) was represented by Ronnie, who assisted families on opening bank accounts, promoted savings and provided several pieces of information to parents and children.

  • Teri Butler, offered several Mary Kay health and beauty tips and samples of beauty products.

  • Childrens Paradise Daycare open their doors for us to have this successful event at their location and contributed with over $500 in donations.

  • Thanks for making this event such a success!!!

Providing Food For Our Friends In Need
  • Single Parents and Teens reached out to North Highlands Bible Church's Dinner of Joy, by assisting and providing in part food and toys for families in need

  • We serviced 137 people with Turkey and food basket for Thanksgiving. In addition we assisted in part, North Highlands Bible Church by providing Turkey and food baskets for their benevolence ministry.

  • Single Parents & Teens Foundation of Dallas, Inc. has partnered with the North Texas Food Bank and has provided food and non-food items for approx. 139 families (totaling 287 children served and 167 over 18 years) -- Most of these families were families consisted of 5 members or more, ranking up to 8 in some.​

Providing the Essentials
  • Clothing was donated for several individuals and was distributed among 50 families.

  • Kids Care Center provided financial support for $1,600 towards Our Thanksgiving feast and food and Thanksgiving family meal distribution

Motivate Volunteers
  • The foundation also partner with Texas Workforce Commission, TANF program and others to provide volunteer oportunities for those clients that have exhausted all their benefits, 88 volunteers provided a total of 3,647 hours to serve the community.

Childcare For Parents in Need
  • The Foundation also provided child care referrals and employment referrals for 21 families.

Making Sweet Dreams Come True For Little Ones
  • About 100 children had an opportunity to open a new toy this Christmas thanks to Kids Care Center who donated $1200 worth of toys and Dollar General who also donated $200 worth of toys. A special Thanks to Party City who donated gift vouchers for wrapping paper for this event.

Children's Ready for Back to school
  • Office Depot donated 100 backpacks, 250 packs of notebook paper, 225 packages of pencils, $500 worth of fountain pens and a mouse at a $50 value to be used in our silent auction. Kids Care Center & Staples Office Products donated school supplies to complement the 100 backpacks handed to students.Single Parents & Teens Foundation were able to provide backpacks for 100 children attending RISD, DISD, GISD.

Educating Today For a Better Tomorrow
  • We launched our Teen Program, by committing time and healthy activities for our troubled teens who have been placed on probation. Our program showed them how to deal with pressure, how to work with others, self-respect and self-esteem. Our teens assisted us in installing shelves for our pantry, reaching the community by distributing flyers and bringing awareness about our program in our community.

  • Teen Night Out -- Ten teens, supervised by Ms. Elicia Crouch and other team members have enjoyed some weekends filled with fun. Some of the activities were bowling, movies, dinner out, games and bonding with talks from the heart. Our teens learned to have fun in a safe and loving environment, connecting with their peers and learning to bond and work as a team, conducting themselves respectfully and sincere friendships blossomed among them.

  • Educational classes, servicing both parents and teens. Our classes are as follows: Prevention of Teen Pregnancies, Financial Literacy, Domestic Violence and Abuse Prevention and Safety at Home, Work and Play classes, enriching and embracing more than 90 people.

Together We Can Make The Difference
  • Huntington Lakes Apartments and Awana's Club at North Highlands Bible Church generously provided canned goods for our Thanksgiving food drive. Sack-N-Save donated gift cards for food.

  • North Highlands Bible Church provided space, several cheerful volunteers, tables, chairs, marketing strategies and a peaceful family oriented and loving environment for all.

  • Kids Care Center donated $1,024 worth of prizes for our "Annual World Wide Day of Fun" and has donated space usage for evening training activities for our youth, food, snacks and drinks.

Our "Annual World Wide Day of Fun" is a time of fun activities for our families in our community. We raised funds for our Programs by providing a full day of fun, games, silent auction, live entertainment by Fidelis Band and Ryot (Rave Youth Ministries), food, snacks, and drinks, arts and crafts, job fairs, safety fair presented by The Dallas Police Department, Informational and program awareness provided by WIC, Child Care Group, Texas Department of Health, and also financial information and opportunities by our various sponsors. See sponsors.​